10.15.2016 – Scarborough Bluffs

On the drive home from Ottawa, we realized we were not ready for Waterloo just yet. After exploring Elora, Montreal and Ottawa, we still had quite a bit of adrenaline running through our veins and needed one more stop to wear it out. So we left Ottawa early enough to be able to make one final stop: the Scarborough Bluffs.

Time did not seem to be in our favour, however. The closer we got, the faster it seemed the sun was going down. At one point I thought that by the time we arrived it would already be pitch black, so we might as well just drive straight home. Part of me still wanted to give it a shot, so I never voiced those thoughts and if anyone else had similar thoughts they didn’t either. We kept driving.


By the time we arrived, it was still light out – we couldn’t believe our luck!

Once the car was parked, we headed towards a better viewing spot and ran into some parents and their kids, but also a couple taking their wedding photos. Unlike us, they had planned to be there at the right time to get the perfect shot of their happy day.


Regardless of a plan, or a lack thereof, we had enough time to look for the perfect spot to also enjoy the sunset. After checking a couple of alternatives, we found it. No one spoke as we stood there, we just watched. Once the sun was down, we knew our trip was over. It was time to head home.



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