09.10.2016 – Niagara Falls

One of the many advantages of volunteering with the international office at the university is the opportunity to go on several day trips with the exchange students.

This year’s first trip was to go spend the day at Niagara Falls and unlike most scheduled tours, the only commitment we had was to be back at the meeting spot at a certain time to get on the bus back to Waterloo.

While I had visited the falls several times before, this still felt like a first time. I was surrounded by people who had recently arrived in Canada on an exchange and had never seen the falls before. Their excitement to experience on of Canada’s wonders made me incredibly excited too.

It is hard, if not impossible, to walk around the falls and not admire the scenery. Together, the speed at which the water falls, the colours it presents itself in accordingly to the day’s weather, the sounds it makes, are a beautiful example of Mother Nature’s abilities.  I could have stayed there watching for hours, but as the show must always go on, we moved on to our next activity.


You see that boat on the bottom right in the picture above? It’s called the Hornblower. Every time I go to the falls I catch myself debating whether to go on it or not. The problem was I had not gathered enough courage or company to go on it, but on this sunny September afternoon I did.


While from the top the proximity between the boat and the falls looks terrifying, from the boat it feels like you are miles apart. Nevertheless, there is a reason you are given a pink poncho with your ticket, so be prepared for a little splash.

I’d also advise you to bring a waterproof camera or waterproof case (I hear ziploc bags do the job just fine, but haven’t tested it myself so don’t take my word on it) for your phone, you won’t want to miss out on the photo opportunities!


The Hornblower tour lasts 20 minutes and it runs from April to November for the approximate cost of $25.


Until next time, NF!



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